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Hanging Up My Heart

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 25, 2015, 12:00 AM

It's been an awesome year and a half serving as one of your Literature Community Volunteers.  I honestly would not change a thing about it. As they say though, all good things must come to an end; so today is my last day as a CV, but don't think that means I'm going anywhere.  I'll be here, and hopefully will get a chance to do a bit more writing.  Actually, I'm making it a rule that I have to get more writing done.  :dummy:

Before I leave though, I'd like to thank absolutely everyone on the communityrelations team.  I've never felt more welcome in a group of strangers, ever.  And this is coming from the social barfly that can makes friends with absolutely anyone.  Obviously, I'd like to especially thank Moonbeam13 for believing in me even when I doubted myself as a CV.  You're awesome and I still plan on topping my Christmas gift this year, even if I'm not on the team!  neurotype also deserves a special thank you.  Because even though we don't see eye to eye on the dessert front, she was able to look past that and taught me all the ropes.  :huggle:  And PIE FOREVER!

I'm leaving the Lit Community in more than awesome hands with IrrevocableFate and SingingFlames as your resident CVs.  Trust me, they've got a handle on their shit but they ALWAYS need more DD Suggestions, so stop sending them to me and hit those two lovely ladies up.  :giggle:

Again, I'm not going anywhere.  There is no disappearing Houdini act in the plans. Or is there? :shifty: :paranoid:  No seriously, there isn't.  I'm still gonna be around, so if you need help, have a question, or just want to chat it up, shoot me a note.

IF, by some odd and wonderful chance, you're up for some awesome shenanigans and have a plan or an idea, DO NOT GO TO thorns.  Note me, and we'll plot something against the evil Coconut Overlord. :evillaugh:

Grim, out.

Group-Kickstarters Tutorial: Folder Settings

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 24, 2015, 12:42 PM
In my five years on DA, I've started a few groups and have been an Admin at more than twenty.  One of the most complicated things to understand in Groups is your Folder Settings.  If you're just using the Featured folder, permissions don't matter as much (there's only a few things you need to worry about tweaking), but if you have multiple folders, the settings and privclasses can quickly become overwhelming.  That is, if you can even find out how to make the changes.

Let's Start with the Basics

Each privclass (Founder, Co-Founder, Contributors, Moderators, Members, Members of Affiliates and Any Deviants) has it's own settings for EVERYTHING, but we'll keep this focused to just the Folder Settings.  This allows you to set up folders that maybe only Admins can submit to, or just members, or maybe you're running a contest that is site wide and you don't want to force everyone to join your group.

Most groups tend to keep the Featured folder for just admin submissions or a place to feature contest winners.  Speaking of contests, isn't that one you're running closed to Admin submissions? So you only want Members to be able to submit.  These are ALL things you control within Manage Members in your backroom. 

As you can see, On Gallery (Privclass): allows for a few options.
  • Have Full Control - Self explanatory.  It allows Admins to control ALL aspects of all folders. Adding, renaming, deleting, moving deviations.  Everything.
  • Can Add/Edit/Delete Most Content - For folders, Admins at this level have full control of folders.
  • Can Edit Most Content - These Admins will be able to move submissions from folder to folder, but will not be able to add or delete content.
  • Can Only View - Admin will be treated like Members.  They cannot edit anything in the Gallery Folders
  • Cannot View - Not a selectable option

Submissions to "(Folder Name)": will always have three options.

  • Are Not Allowed - Self explanatory.  This will prevent this privclass from submitting to this folder.  There will be no "+" on the Folder in your Gallery for these deviants and it will not be available from the drop down menu when submitting directly from the deviation
  • Are Subject to a Vote... - Deviants can submit to this folder, but your Admin will have to vote on whether to accept or decline these submissions (Settings for this will be discussed further down this article)
  • Are Automatically Approved - Deviants can submit to this folder, and your Admin will not see submissions their Group Messages as these will be directly sent through without needing approval.

Global Submission Limits are limits set for all folders.  If you set a Global limit of 3 Deviations per Month, deviants in that privclass will not be able to submit more than 3 Deviations to your Group in a calendar Month.

Show Folders is where things get a little more complicated.  You remember all those folders you made to keep your Gallery organized, each and every one of those folders has the Submissions Settings for each and every privclass. It's really not complicated so much as it's time consuming.  For every folder that you make, you'll have to go to Manage Members and set who can submit to that folder and how much they can submit. 

Most groups have a Global Submission setting, so the individual folders are fine set as the default of Global Setting.  BUT, sometimes the Global Settings don't work.  Like for that contest you're running where you're only allowing one submission per deviant.  You'd want to set that Folder's Submission Settings to 1 per year and then obviously close the folder to all submissions after your contest is over.

Those Pesky Voting Settings

These are the ones that can be confusing.  The biggest rule to remember when changing these settings, DO NOT SET THE VOTES HIGHER THAN THE AMOUNT OF ADMINS YOU HAVE FOR YOUR GROUP.  I know it sounds silly, but it's happened, and then you have deviations sitting in your queue that you can't do anything about.  Let's go over the Voting Options and what they mean:
  • Votes Needed - The amount of Admin Accept/Decline votes that are needed for the Deviation to be included/discluded from the Gallery
  • Expires - Deviations that have not been accepted or declined in this time frame will automatically be declined from the group and the submitting deviant will see a red "X" in their Correspondence Messages with the word "Expired" below
  • Folder-Specific Limit - Same as the Global Submissions Limits, but these settings are specific to the selected folder; not the entire Gallery
  • (Privclass) can vote - Admin that will be able to vote on Deviation Submissions to your group.

The decision to have voting turned on in your folders, completely depends on how you want to run your group.  Some groups allow their members to submit without needing Admins approval.  Others require at least a single Admin vote.  The pay off for having Admins vote on deviations is a couple things:

  • Control Over Content - If you have your folders broken down to keep things organized, using voting will make sure that your members aren't submitting to the wrong folders
  • Elite Groups - If you're implementing quality standards with your art, Admin votes are almost required if you're going to do it right.

Submissions Limits - Should You or Shouldn't You

There are things to be said for both sides of this but it really comes down to how you plan on running your group.  If you're group's focus is not general submissions, having limits probably isn't necessary.  For example, Beta-Readers is not a general submissions group and only accepts deviations into their Profiles Gallery Folder.  Global and Folder Specific Submission Limits aren't needed for this group.  All other folders in their gallery are not for Member submission and are Admin request only.

If you are planning on having an active group, having a Global Submissions Limit is in your best interest.  You don't want one deviant submitting their ENTIRE gallery to your folders in a single day.  At WritersInk there is a Global Submission Limit of 3 Deviations per Week.  This allows each Member to submit up to three deviations per week.  Once they've reached that limit DA will tell them they have reached the Global Limit and will have to wait until the following week to submit more.

Thank you for all the Dr Pepper

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 16, 2015, 11:41 AM

Seriously, it was awesome.  I had it everywhere.  DA, Twitter, Skype, Google, text messages.  It was awesome. 

BUT, there is a very very important piece of information you all need to know.  I mean, it's almost vital to our existence. 

The entire time thorns had all of you leaving Dr. Pepper messages, she was...drinking Vanilla Coke! :shakefist:


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I may not be GrimFace242 anymore, but you can still call me Grim.  :love:
Here's to a wonderful weekend filled with friends, liquor and hopefully not handcuffs.  Also, an awesome bar and new friends I'll inevitably make!
You will always be remembered and forever loved, Mardelle.
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