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Typography based devID.  Can be your username, or something else.  Please include color options, as well as the feel you'd like to represent with it (whimsical, fun, retro, old fashioned, or my choice)

Which one? 

27 deviants said Mischiefy mischief
5 deviants said Community oriented
2 deviants said Mini contest

Mischiefy Mischief Mini Contest Winners!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 6, 2015, 2:03 PM
We had to come back early from vacation simply because Hurricane Joaquin decided to hit Stone Harbor and we didn't want to be stranded.  Now I know that that's the opposite of an excuse for not getting this out on Sunday like promised because we were home a day early, but you have to understand.  evil83angel and I spent two whole days sleeping on the inflatable pull out sofa, playing video games, watching movies and reading books together.  It was wonderful!  We didn't turn on laptops or computers and only sent a few messages here and there to really really important people and ignored everyone else.

But last night, I told her to read through the entries while I did some side work and today I've read through the entries (thumbs to all the entries will be at the end of the journal).  We did it the fairest way possible.  We copy/pasted all the text into a word doc and then printed it so we didn't know who wrote what stories.  We were kinda disappointed because four of the entries were disqualified.  :threaten:  Didn't I say NO CHEATING!  I explicitly remember saying that I wasn't condoning it THIS TIME!

Even though that took the eleven entries down to eight, I'm still honoring the over ten submissions prizes because it wouldn't be fair to penalize the people that did read the rules because there were other people that didn't.

So, without further delay, let's see who these winners are!

Oh, wait!  One more thing.  Real quick, I swear!  There was a tie for first place because evil83angel and I couldn't agree.  We had the same top two just in different order.  So there's no Third Place, instead there's two First Place and a Second Place.  :la:

Second Place


First Place

illuminara & dragoeniex

Your Prizes will be delivered shortly.

All the other submissions:

Mischief Mini Contest EntryAnd if sometimes, we push to the edge of our seat
barely holding on, in the unrest of the disorder, regarding 
what we had done, waiting momentarily for the end
for what would become of us and others,
till other people choke on expensive wine,
snickers of the escapade, Mocking jabs at what
had happened and what will emerge  
Loki lol smile 
Inky Mischief 1She came home from the marketplace grinning and showing off her new find, a pen with a glowing blue tip.  As she demonstrated it on her sketchbook, it left glowing trails behind, and the tree she was drawing grew into the air, solid and real with paper for bark.
I stared in wonder, grinning as she turned toward me, brandishing the glowing device.  A glowing blade from the back of the pen flicked through my shoulder, and my arm flickered into blueness then vanished.  “Am I dependent on your artistic skills to return to normal?”
As she drew arcing lines away from my empty shoulder she grinned mischievously.  “Who said anything about normal?”

Mature Content

'Come play with me!'"Adara, this is serious, put down the wand."  The witch strained to put every dram of urgency and authority she possessed into her voice, despite the already ridiculous situation.  Her formal robes had been changed to an improbably frilly dress in an eye-watering rainbow of jarring hues, the humble cupboard that normally stored jars of preserves had burst open, innumerable candies and confections spilling onto the floor, and the cottage itself was lurching in a regular rhythm as it soared over the countryside on the beats of immense sparrow's wings.  She could never have imagined a child so young would immediately establish such a powerful rapport with the World-Tree's Splinter, and it augured amazing things for her niece's future...but all that mattered right now was getting the Splinter out of her hands before she did something that might be genuinely irreparable.
"Silly auntie, not done witching yet," exclaimed the four-year-old, laughing delightedly at the jux
Mrs. Abignale's Apple PieDear Mrs. Abignale, we're sorry for stealing your apple pie on our way to school
and for lighting your robe on fire
so that you were already half-naked when you were only halfway down the street
screaming obscenities
even as the postman and the pastor were making their rounds
as well as for stealing more apples from your yard when you were thusly indisposed.
We are especially sorry and take full responsibility
for causing you to have that fatal heart attack, in front of the baker's shop
which happened to have more people queuing than usual, we recall, on that particular morning.
On that note, we are also terribly sorry for not being more knowledgeable about first aid
and the finesses of heart massage techniques.
It may not change anything, Mrs. Abignale, but we would like to formally apologise for the above
and for all the other pies which we have pilfered over the course of the last school year.
We hope life in Heaven treats you well.
Perhaps it will please you, Mrs. Abignale
and mayb
Boo!Spikey came barrelling through the darkened living room like a bat out of hell.   I screamed, simultaneously standing, sending the rocking-chair sailing backward.  In Spikey's mouth, or stuck to his body, was something with which he wrestled and jerked.
On television, Michael Myers' sister let out a series of blood curdling screams; I screamed in response!  The sister crawled bloodied, down the hallway on her stomach, in a desperate attempt to get away from him.  Michael pursued her steadily, unmercifully, while at the same time, Spikey took off again out the opened back door, screeching in that sick way unique only to cats; my heart pounding wildly from the sheer surprise of it all.
Mice on sticky paper, opened back doors, curious stray cats, and horror movies; make for hair-raising mischief!
Home-Maid CookiesMary M. the Merry Maid had been working for a nice family known as the Persons for 2 weeks now. The Persons were well known for their bakery where they sold tasty treats. But one day, when Marry M. Was mopping the floor (with merry joy) the Persons walked in and told her to bake some special cookies for the Halloween party and they gave her the recipe. Marry decided to play a little joke on them, so she called her friend and told her the plan. A few weeks later, on Halloween, Marry's friend, Macy, brought the cookies with a secret ingredient not in the recipe (DUN DUNN DUUUUUUNNNNN)! When the guest at the party ate them, something strange happend, as they were not expecting body parts in there cookies along with pieces of a black and white dress. The next day, Marry M. Was calling Macy if the prank worked out well, which it did . Drunk December MischiefI spent what little afternoon exists this late in the year barreling through white wine after white wine until well after the sun went down.  As the moon came up, I started doodling on cocktail napkins my drunken approximation of what I remembered of Wiles' proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.  Somehow this led to a fistfight, I think due to my disparagement of humanities degrees and/or of COBOL, and now that's a bar I'm no longer welcome at, so I headed for the next one.  As I did, I swore to complete the degree I drank myself out of so long ago if it took every penny I could steal, even though I knew and know there's little point at my age.  A storm boiled up, so I danced through taunting the lightning, a display in retrospect unwise, not due to any god's fury, but due to it costing me service at the second bar.  Now miles from home and unwilling to walk to the next bar down in the rain, I went instead to the apartment of an old "friend," in whose bed the wine whi

Thank you to everyone that participated!  It is people like you that keep me wanted to do things around here.

Skin by UszatyArbuz

Week #4 - Wrap Up

Sun Sep 27, 2015, 7:00 AM

NaNoPlotMo Header by inknalcohol

We're at the end of the journey.  By this point you should have a plot outline, well rounded characters and your setting.  Some of you may be ready to start writing, and some of you may want to tweak your outlines a little more after going through your character motivations.  Either way, you're in good shape for writing.

This week we don't have an assignment as we've had for previous weeks, but we do have some small tasks. 

"What If" Questions

These questions should be designed to alter your plot outline drastically.  Take the key points of your plot and ask a "What if X happened?" question.  Explore the answer and how it would alter your plot.  Does it make it better?  Is the outcome more appealing than your original plot?  You should challenge yourself to do at least five of these questions depending on your story.  If it's longer, you may want to try more than five.

Some examples:
  • Harry Potter: What if Harry wasn't sorted as a Gryffindor?
  • Pride & Prejudice: What is Elizabeth accepted Darcy's first proposal?
  • Twilight: What if the vampires weren't sparkly? :cough:
  • Lord of the Rings: What if Frodo succumbed to the power of the ring?

Write a To Do List

This is exactly as it sounds.  If you're ready to go directly to writing the story, then you don't have to worry about this, but read through just to be safe.  Anything you need to do before you can start writing needs to be on this list so you can check them off as you complete the tasks. 

Some things you might add to your list:

  • Research: Do you need to know anything else before you can start writing?  If in a real world city, do you have exact locations for your setting?  Is there an element of the story that you don't know enough about and need to read up on more to make sure you're using proper terminology?  Have you mapped out that epic quest across Europe that your character is going to make?
  • Filler Scenes: In addition to the plot points already laid out, are there any additional filer scenes that you definitely want to include?
  • Character & Plot Sheets: If you use them, are they all filled out?
  • Point of View: If you don't know already, you should figure out what POV you'll be writing in, and which character's head you'll be in.
  • Know where you're going to write the story (program-wise) and make sure you understand the software.  If you're not sure about the software, add in time to figure out the basics and maybe some non-basics.
  • Do you need a beta reader? If yes, how are you going to go about doing that?

If this month's prewriting project was preparation for NaNoWriMo, this To Do List is what you need to do during October!

Some Final Words from Grim

In all honesty, this whole process (when/if you repeat it on your own time) should only take a few days time.  We stretched it into a month to allow for different time zones and commitments to participate.  I know that this process doesn't work for everyone, but it's how I do my own prewriting.  I hope that you learned something from it, even if it's how NOT to do something.

If you should ever have any questions in regards to my version of prewriting, please feel free to note me or the group.  I'd be happy to help.

Grim, out.

Skin by Dan Leveille

Mischiefy Mischief Mini Contest

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 25, 2015, 6:03 AM
As I announced yesterday, I'm going away for a week, starting very early tomorrow morning because I've got to beat the Pope traffic in Philly.  That's seven glorious days of not having to give a shit about anything.  Not if I'm eating well ... or at all.  Not about going to bed too late that I won't hear the alarm for work.  Not even can the dogs be trusted to walk each other or should I find someone soberer to walk them instead.  None of that! :dummy:

I mentioned wanting to get rid of a stack of points I have, the idea of running a mini contest has taken up residence in my head.  So, tha'ts what I'm gonna do.  It's fairly simple and I haven't done anything like this previously.  So, yes, thorns, you're safe from me sending my minions to your profile.  :giggle:

The Rules

:bulletwhite: All entries in the contest must be new and made just for this contest!
:bulletwhite: Prose only, dears.  I'm sorry.  My poetry heart is just not beating today.
:bulletwhite: All entries must be posted to DA and a thumb or link dropped as a comment in this journal before midnight on October 3rd.  Otherwise it turns into a pumpkin and I don't know that language.
:bulletwhite: Entries must abide by the theme and length restrictions or will be immediately disqualified.
:bulletwhite: Only one entry per deviant and don't go using alt accounts.  I WILL KNOW! :threaten:
:bulletwhite: No cheating. On other occasions I will condone it, but not this one.
:bulletwhite: Every entrant must write their entry with a Jameson bottle balanced on their head.
:bulletwhite: Okay, that last one wasn't really real.  You don't have to write with Jameson bottle on your head, but will get kudos and bonus points if you do!  :flirty:

Length Restrictions

I thought long and hard about this one (so, like five minutes) and the most wonderful idea popped in my head.  

I'm going away for seven days.  You will have seven sentences EXACTLY to create your prose piece.'

The Theme

I'm pretty sure by now that everyone know I'm a romantic sap, but that just seems so obvious.  So instead, your theme is MISCHIEF.  Take that however you like and write in any genre you like, but remember it has to be exactly seven sentences.

The Judges

Because we're the ones going on vacation, evil83angel and myself will judge all the entries when we get back.

The Prizes

Because this is the part that everyone scrolls to see!  So, lemme explain.  Just in case I don't get many entries for this and just in case I do, I wanted to be fair about things.  And if only three deviants enter then a first, second third is almost senseless.  Because everyone's a winner and I do not like participation trophies!

With that in mind there are two different prize scales:

If we have less than 10 entries, one Grand Prize will be awarded to our favorite submission.  That winner will receive 300:points: and a devID from me.  Jesse is babbling that she's send hearts and kisses too.  :crazy:

If we have more than 10 entries, First Place will take 250:points: and a devID made by me, Second Place will take 150:points: and Third Place will get 100:points:.  And, yes you'll all get hearts and kisses from Jesse too.  :giggle:

That should be everything,

but if I've forgotten anything please direct all your questions (and even ones you don't mean) to thorns.  Prizes for the best ones!  :la:

Catch you next week on the same bat channel at the same bat time!


Skin by UszatyArbuz


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