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just a drunk with a pen.
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Prank Us Contest

Wed Jan 27, 2016, 1:12 PM
PopRocksNotAllowed by inknalcohol

Hey, guess what?  PeskyAngel and I've decided to create a group here on DA for our crazy!  And what better way to start it off than with a contest?!  We couldn't think of one, so contest it is!

If you don't know already, you're apparently living under a rock, but PeskyAngel and I are constant pranksters.  Hence why rules such as "no Pop Rocks allowed in the house" and "Grim isn't allowed to have Jello" had to be made.  Did you know that cocoa powder can be reconstituted into eye shadow? Or that a couple drops of food coloring in a shampoo bottle aren't noticeable at first, but once the suds are running down the drain, it's not so much fun?  Oh, and adding super glue to the night stand slick is never a good idea; they just don't like each other. 

If you plan to come live with us, you may want to take a basic chemistry refresher course for your own safety.  And buy bubble wrap. LOTS of bubble wrap.  But whatever you do, do NOT trust Grim when he says, "you'll love it!  it'll be grand!" because he's probably drunk and one or both of you will end up in the ER.  And Jesse should never be trusted with tongs, making tea or the liquor supply. You should probably also check her oil because it's always low.  While you're in there, check the coolant, too.  Actually, our vehicles are the only truly off limits item to our sabotagery.  That's only because it would get too costly to repair/replace them.  And that sorta kinda brings us back to the topic at hand.

When was the last time you pulled a prank on someone?  Or more importantly, when was the last time your characters had a bit of fun?  Because that's what this Contest is all about.

Contest Details

  • Theme: Pranks and all that entails.  Your story can be a true story of something you've done or had happened to you, or it can be fictional
  • PROSE ONLY.  Sorry, this contest is only open to prose entries.  We're thinking about doing a poetry only one later, but not this time.  It just doesn't work with our theme.

Boring Information That You Have to Read

  • Word Count Minimum: 250
  • Word Count Maximum: 1,000
  • You must include a link to the group and/or this journal in the Author's Comments section of your deviation.
  • Once your entry is submitted as a deviation, submit it to this gallery folder.
  • The Gallery Folder is open and ready for business!
  • You do not need to be a member of PopRocksNotAllowed to participate.
  • A maximum of two entries per person.
  • Entries must be created for this contest.  No recycling old stuff!
  • Prose Only.  Poetry entries will not be accepted.
  • Contest will close February 29th, 2016 because :la: for the leap year!

The Prizes

The amount of entries we receive will determine the way the prizes are split.  If under 15 entries, there will be a winner and a runner up.  If over 15 entries, we'll do a first, second and third prize.  If you'd like to donate a prize, please feel free to drop a comment or note the group.

Current Prize List:


It wouldn't make sense to have non-pranksters judge this, so PeskyAngel and inknalcohol will be the judges.  We're looking for:
  • Creativity Even if you're writing from a life experience, we want to be pulled into the story and feel like we were there for this embarrassing and horrible event.  If you're writing a fictional piece, we really want to see your imagination go wild on the prank itself.  Saran wrap on the toilet seat isn't going to cut it.  You need to break out the duct tape, an air horn, pet escape and some kinda Jello or pudding to make saran wrap on the toilet work.
  • Grammar because yes, this is a literature contest and we expect you to be able to write legibly and with proper grammar and spelling.  It's called proofreading people.  You need to do that.
  • Likable Characters You never know which one of your characters we'll be rooting for because more often than not, we side with villains over protagonists.  But either way, we want to be able to love and snuggle your characters.  We don't need a five page essay on their life, but again, this all about the planning and reaction of a prank.  People are kinda important to that.
  • Your Level of Insanity  No this cannot be judged by a scale, it's just a feeling.  The crazier the better, but not like Arkham Asylum crazy because then people tend to get hurt and the cops have to be called and it's this whole ordeal that we just don't have the time to deal with.  We're looking for a happy in the middle crazy that's more fun than the looney farm.  M'kay?

Skin by Dan Leveille

I Can't Stay Away

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 27, 2016, 9:51 AM
What can I say?  I like this place too much to stay away for long.  So I'm back, but not on a full time schedule.  I'll be around and checking my messages and doing my group duties (though, I did drop a group or two when I left) AND OF COURSE, there's that little group that PeskyAngel just made yesterday PopRocksNotAllowed so we can run our little contests through there and when we start putting out the chapters of our collab project, we'll have a place to put them.  The group is pretty skin and bone right now, but we'll slowly be adding to it.

Random story from my short time away: I am able to tie a cherry stem in a knot using only my tongue and Jesse is not able to do that.  We had a contest.  Neither of us were drunk.  But we're thinking next time, we're gonna be and we'll see if my rule of everything is better when you're drunk is true.  Also, peach whiskey is not as bad as I thought it would be.  Neither is toasted caramel whiskey.

Keep your eyes peeled, because PeskyAngel and I almost have all the details of our next contest ready to be posted.  You'll see it in Message Centres near you in the next 24 hours.

Grim, out.

Skin by UszatyArbuz

Taking a Break

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 4, 2016, 12:55 PM
Read that right.  I don't need a break.  I'm taking a break.  I've got a couple projects in real life that will require my attention for a bit.  PeskyAngel and I are working on polishing up the first couple chapters of our collaboration project; which is actually taking longer than it should, but we're being bitchy with each other, so it's a process.

We've also started a new Instagram, poprocksnotallowed, and though we haven't launched it yet, it is something we want to put a bit of thought into how we'd like to proceed with it.

I'm also working on a side writing project, still, that needs attention.  It's a personal project and is being done completely long hand and will more than likely stay that way, but I'm really digging it and want to devote some time to it.

And then of course, there's my usual side work that's starting to pile up on me.  I need to get caught up with it so I can get the monies.

So, you're all awesome and I'll be back.  In a bit.  But not soonish.  Make sure to have all sorts of crazy stories for when I return because I love crazy stories. 

Grim, out.

Skin by UszatyArbuz


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